Hi, we have 7 playful, adorable and affectionate kittens. They are ragdoll mix. They r free to a loving and caring family. Contact me at . Thanks
Free to anyone that’ll give her a loving home. She’s super sweet, eats regular cat food, & is litter box trained. She’s 2 months old. Let me know if you’re interested please! I really dont’t want to take her to a shelter!
Hello have 21 kittens i cant afford them food is scarce and they are quite demanding. Ive called numerous shelters, made tons of post. I have to move and cant get in anywhere because i have to many cats. If you are not able to take any please help us by donating to the cause we are greatly appreciative to receive any type of help
I foster kittens for a local rescue and that's how I got Whiskers. She had three sibblings. I had a part of the family commit to adopt her so when her aibblings went back to the shelter to be adopted I kept whiskers. The person never took her and I have had her since. She is very affectionate. Gets along with other cats fine...I have eight others..(which is why I have to rehome). I just have to...